by Bec Fary

I had the most beautiful dream. We were by the sea. You drove me to a big, open brick house that was like some kind of fortress (but it let the sun in). 

A woman was there, she had the same colour hair as me. You’d been with her, and suddenly there were children: one small boy and a baby. You were their father, and this other woman was their mother. She left. 

All of my family and all of your family arrived. I had the baby in my arms, with you beside me. We kissed. My family had to leave very quickly, but they accepted you, and us, and they were happy for us. 

I sat on a big chair and you followed. I said I wanted to be with you. We had to bring the children and that was okay, everyone was happy for us. I kissed you and you were surprised, but happy. 

I think there was more to the dream but I was woken by a phone call and can’t remember it. 

I know we were happy.