by Bec Fary

From my notebook, dated 4/1/2012:

‘I should have written down my dream when I first woke up – I’ve forgotten most of it now.

All I remember is that I was staring intently at a stack of white plates – all different sizes, the smallest at the top. For some reason I was trying to figure out if they were perfectly circular and focussing in on these plates – getting closer and closer to them.

There was beautiful, transfixing music too, but I woke at 6:30 and realised that was just my phone going off.’


…and another dream, this one was written down by a friend:

‘This is a dream which relates to real world stimulus, my alarm clock.

The dream starts with a grid of mattresses outdoors, about 3×6. An alarm starts ringing constantly, and it’s inherently known to me that the mattresses will explode, and be scattered across the suburb. The alarm keeps ringing until I re-position all the mattresses in the grid. Halfway through the dream, which feels like an hour into the journey, I wake up. My alarm has been ringing for 3 minutes, the time is 6:48.’


So often it’s the sounds of the ‘real’, waking world that intrude upon the adventures of our dreams and become part of that subconscious world.