Three kisses

by Bec Fary

I dreamt of three kisses.

I had woken up, remembering a dream about ____ kissing me, and I wanted to remember it. I heard that if you say something three times you’re more likely to remember it, so I told myself ‘remember the kiss’ three times.

Remember the kiss.

Remember the kiss.

Remember the kiss.

In the wakesleep pre-dream phase as I drifted back to sleep I held three blocks of wood, and placed a kiss on each block and lined them up on the mantelpiece above my bed before I dreamt of a dream three times.

We’d been in a car in the original dream, going very fast, and ____ leaned over to kiss me. We ended up in a garage, and I remember lots of cushions.

I was down, surrounded by bad memories of bad men, But ____ picked me up, and we kissed. I told him that was all I wanted to do. He told me I was beautiful and he’d never felt this good.