I Woke in Fright

a record of dreams and nightmares

Month: September, 2012


by Bec Fary

“I could sleep forever but it’s of her I dream.

If I could sleep forever I could forget about everything.” 

The Dandy Warhols, ‘Sleep’ 


Dreamt [verb]

by Bec Fary

“A poet would appreciate how this past tense of dream possesses such a special quality — the only word in regular English usage to end with -mt. We hear from people constantly who swear there must be another term ending in -mt. No one has ever actually offered a second example, however. Perhaps it exists in a dream.”

from Dictionary.com

Do you dream of jellybeans?

by Bec Fary

“A dream…you had to guess how many jellybeans were in the jar.”

Foreplay at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

instagram @becfary

Enter this interactive ‘Dream Palace’ and you might end up covered in lube and talcum powder, or have a phone thrown at you, but Foreplay (part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival) will definitely “make your dreams come true.”

Audience members are quite literally be transported from the waiting room of a brothel to a high street cafe as the ensemble cast immerses you in Melbourne’s emotionally fraught – and surprisingly diverse – sex industry.

With its mesmerising dream sequences and innovative composition, Foreplay  is a disorienting, fascinating and captivating experience.

Are you ready?

Foreplay is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, more info here

the rancid ham explosion

by Bec Fary

“As a collective, we ran. As far as our legs would carry us. The tower of Melbourne appeared. An otherwise glorious day is speared with panic as we approach a carnival.

‘The teacups!’

We split off into a bumper-car ride with Disney-style teacups, flipping them over, and hiding. Waiting.


An explosion in the distance. And then, our unknown fear becomes apparent as backwater floods the teacups. People emerge, and view the damage.

Rancid ham lies everywhere, coloured a deep red. Murky green water puddles surround.

I awaken. The vision of this never quite left. The horror!”

Sometimes we have dreams that stick with us. Sometimes they’re recurring, other times they’re just so vivid we can’t help but remember them. I’ve heard my friend describe this one a few times now, and it’s always hilarious. When he wrote it in my dream journal someone accused him of ‘dream tampering’ (altering the details of a dream to make it more interesting), but I believe him.


by Bec Fary

Mishka the Artist (you’ll know her name someday) wrote this in my dream journal:

“Mishka’s fucked up dream that wasn’t just me running around in an adventure dream:

There was a medical facility and at that medical facility there was a line of 13 women waiting to be impregnated with the foetus of a superhuman.

They were inseminated. In 15 seconds their stomachs had swelled to the size of large deer heads. Smoke started pouring out of their fannies, goop started dripping from their arseholes.

Blood and vomit and bones squeezed from their eyes.

As their bellies continued to expand, the skin started tearing and 13 giant creatures with external spines started screaming out.

Then the apocalypse began.”

“and no one can hide how happy they are”

by Bec Fary

He doesn’t usually remember his dreams, but he told me about this one: “I was either this young guy, his father, or the family community around them. Everyone was dressed very conservatively and it was very Middle Eastern. Very formal. I am these people and I’m watching them at the same time. The young man is on trial, like he’s going to college or he’s been given some massive opportunity. The young man does it, it works out well. Everyone is so happy and I can feel that from looking at the father. They must live somewhere really nice, and the son is driving up a long driveway. All the people, dressed so formally, are running alongside the car and no one can hide how happy they are. There’s a man who I know is the butler and he’s running too. He’s fully dressed but he’s running in the river, which is next to the driveway. The father’s standing at the top of the driveway and he’s smiling and so happy.”

by Bec Fary

He rolled over. ‘Do you remember?’

‘Remember what?’

‘Your dream.’

‘Not today. I remember waking up really scared. I think I had another sex dream about you.’

‘Good. Did we actually have sex this time?’

‘I think so, but I’m not sure. I just remember that it was really good.’

wheeling around a tennis ball brain

by Bec Fary

______ drove me home after a particularly beer-filled night. I was trying to speak foreign languages and rambling and probably the only person laughing at my own jokes. My night ended with me trying to wear a jumper as a pair of pants.

That night, I dreamt that _____ and another friend built a huge trolley to wheel around. One of them was at either end as they rolled around the city. But all they had on the trolley was a tennis ball, right in the middle of it.

I think my subconscious preempted the apologetic message I sent my friend the next morning: “I think I had the brain capacity of a tennis ball last night, I’m so sorry you had to wheel me around.”

you made me forget my dreams

by Bec Fary

“You made me forget my dreams
When I woke up to you sleeping” 

by Bec Fary

Someone was reading ‘I Woke in Fright’ before bed, and then: “I read it before bedtime and it gave me a strange dream. That I was pregnant and in a shower with a man who was washing me but he wasn’t the father of my child.”