tornadoes and dreamterror

by Bec Fary

From my dream journal, 25/7/2012:

‘Woke to the alarm, felt like I hadn’t slept at all. Two messages were waiting for me:

“TORNADO DREAM!” from X, who very creatively dressed as a tornado at my dream-themed birthday party.

And another message, this one from Y: “Down in the basement where because of fear one has to charge and yell to make it the game player comes upon an outstretched bridge that spans the forearm of a friend and then looking around sees the other contestants and faces from the schoolyard lounging and loafing inside the four walls that are adorned by landscapes composed by your sister, the frames of which have been picked at and rolled to smoke in ceremony that I believe will happen soon is happening has happened within this room below the retail giants and forest tracks where brother came upon a toy lion in amongst the suits n ties ‘I’ve found him!’ joyous he exclaims and I want to buy the lion for brother and a birthday of old but he politely declines, cinema exits the darkness and red drapes murmered shuffling onto the streets where hide n seek begins with a discounted meal and drinks in between, none of which I can recall the consumption of.”

I replied to Y: “Dream or nightmare? On waking with a heaviness of heart sheets have been squeezed too thin, gripped in terror til the break of day, alarm bells ringing me out of a reality I can’t recall.” ‘