he said the tempura oil would give me crazy dreams

by Bec Fary

Fell asleep and woke up in bed in dream world, everything the same as waking life. ____ was touching me and said he couldn’t wait until he could sleep with me again. I asked if he’d ever slept with someone on their period and he said he wanted to but he’d have to go pee first. He went to the bathroom and a fat black and white cat came into the room. I panicked and kicked it off the bed. ‘How did you get in here?’ I asked. I could hear my voice clearly and feel my heart beating, which is much more vivid than my usual state of dreaming.

I went into the next room and the cat had turned into two black and white sheep. They had the strangest faces and they were so small. I was so scared so I ran back into the bedroom and fell asleep and woke up there in the waking world.

I fell asleep again, and again woke up in dream-bed, but  _____ wasn’t there this time. I went downstairs and he was dressed and at the door ready to leave. He was wearing glasses and lots of strange, brightly coloured clothes. I tried to get him to stay.

I don’t remember what happened next but later in the dream that cat had turned into a boy running around the apartment. His mum was following him and it was like they were inspecting the place. I was worried and scared.

There were more half-dreams in that interrupted sleep but I don’t remember them so well.