triangles in wakesleep

by Bec Fary

From 29/7/2012:

You remember waking early in the morn, still dark – still night. It was 4am or thereabouts. The two of you are curled around each other, his head on your chest and you’re both stirring. You want to kiss him but his face is too far away from yours.

Still dreaming maybe, the room isn’t quite in your reality yet. His hands keep exploring you as you keep dreaming.

It’s a vast grey expanse that stretches across your dreamscape. As his fingers find their way across your body and your pyjamas come loose, you don’t so much see the shapes of that half-awake/half-asleep dream world as you do know them, feel them as they materialise from the darkness of the morning room.

Tall, intersecting triangles white against the grey as his fingers curl around you and you enter another dimension of wakesleep real, dreaming visions.