combining the dream and the wake

by Bec Fary

There’s a certain mindset I can get myself into, where dreaming and waking are indistinguishable. What I see at these times aren’t quite hallucinations but it’s hard to know what else to call my waking visions. It’s like the knowledge, from some universe in the back of my mind, of the existence of something. And because this knowledge is from so far back I can’t help but accept it as true. Sometimes I see these things in front of me but mostly I just know them and can’t help but accept them.

The other night I wrote in my notebook: ‘When I’m my most inspired and creative is after I’ve had a dream, recalling that sleepy world. So to become my best in waking life is to dreamscape combining the dream and the wake and making both make sense to each other.’

I almost couldn’t read my own scrawl, ideas were flying that night and not all of them made sense. I’m no closer to understanding why my dreams and my days are aligning, but it continues to fascinate.