“and no one can hide how happy they are”

by Bec Fary

He doesn’t usually remember his dreams, but he told me about this one: “I was either this young guy, his father, or the family community around them. Everyone was dressed very conservatively and it was very Middle Eastern. Very formal. I am these people and I’m watching them at the same time. The young man is on trial, like he’s going to college or he’s been given some massive opportunity. The young man does it, it works out well. Everyone is so happy and I can feel that from looking at the father. They must live somewhere really nice, and the son is driving up a long driveway. All the people, dressed so formally, are running alongside the car and no one can hide how happy they are. There’s a man who I know is the butler and he’s running too. He’s fully dressed but he’s running in the river, which is next to the driveway. The father’s standing at the top of the driveway and he’s smiling and so happy.”