the rancid ham explosion

by Bec Fary

“As a collective, we ran. As far as our legs would carry us. The tower of Melbourne appeared. An otherwise glorious day is speared with panic as we approach a carnival.

‘The teacups!’

We split off into a bumper-car ride with Disney-style teacups, flipping them over, and hiding. Waiting.


An explosion in the distance. And then, our unknown fear becomes apparent as backwater floods the teacups. People emerge, and view the damage.

Rancid ham lies everywhere, coloured a deep red. Murky green water puddles surround.

I awaken. The vision of this never quite left. The horror!”

Sometimes we have dreams that stick with us. Sometimes they’re recurring, other times they’re just so vivid we can’t help but remember them. I’ve heard my friend describe this one a few times now, and it’s always hilarious. When he wrote it in my dream journal someone accused him of ‘dream tampering’ (altering the details of a dream to make it more interesting), but I believe him.