no crossover between my dreams and awake

by Bec Fary

My waking thought processes rolled easily into my dreaming ones. I don’t remember falling asleep and it feels like there was no crossover between my dreams and awake, just a continuous stream. I woke in my dream bed and I felt like I was coming down from some MDMA while still tripping on something else. My thoughts were all rolling together and I was finding it really hard to make any sense of my swirling mind.

Among other things (I can’t remember what I was thinking about but there were a lot of simultaneous trains of thought overlapping) I was telling myself to get out of bed. But I was paralysed with my hand stuck under my leg as I lay on my stomach.

I think maybe I was about to puke or something because it was getting really urgent but I still couldn’t move.

Then I heard footsteps and I knew someone was next to the bed. I couldn’t see the person but I could feel her and I know she was watching me. She had a strong and very tangible presence.

Urgency was rising and there was nothing I could do until suddenly I was tumbling over the side of the bed towards the ground which was now very far away. There was a loud whooshing in my ears and I heard laughing.

I knew the person next to the bed was doubled over laughing even though I still couldn’t see her and her laughter echoed in my head like it was from afar but somehow also inside me. I was so nervous it felt like my heart was expanding.

My whole body was limp and my limbs tangled as I fell and was pushed flat into the floor. My feet were near my shoulders and my arms were wrapped around each other.

I woke up sure I would be in the floor at someone’s feet but I was lying on my stomach in bed, intact and alone, but that presence hovered over me.