I Woke in Fright

a record of dreams and nightmares

Month: November, 2012

by Bec Fary

A full notebook is almost as exciting as an empty one. I’m down to one blank page in my dream journal and I like this feeling. The last few months have been big ones – thank you for sharing them with me, dreamers!

I’m off to bed to find out what’s going to go on that last page.

Sweet dreams, x.


by Bec Fary

I remember being in a bedroom, I think it was the morning after a party. But the party was also continuing around us at the same time. People were just waking up, telling stories about the night before, while getting ready to party again. Someone I’d just met was annoyed at one of my friends who wasn’t there.

The person I’d just met showed me a clothesline in the bedroom with underpants hanging from it, lining the walls. There was a red pair with a wet stain. My friend had borrowed the underpants, wet himself, and returned the pants without telling the owner (the person I’d just met).

A and B came into the bedroom to talk to me but they ignored everyone else. They were wasted, knocking things and people over and the others in the room were annoyed.

And I was with the same people on a beach too but the water was far away. It was the next day, the party was over. A and B were some way off along the beach. I walked away from my friends to talk to them. They were tired and dirty, but also animated and talking very fast. I knew they were on drugs. I asked them if they did this every day. They were embarrassed and apologetic about what happened at the party, and they didn’t want to sit with my friends, so I left.


There was more to the same dream but I’m not sure if it was connected.

Three of us were sitting in a library, I was in the middle between C and D. I was climbing over C’s lap, to get to the wires of his computer. C and D caught up as old friends, even though I didn’t know they knew each other. I remember watching the three of us on the couch from a distance, but I was still sitting on the couch at the same time.

D and I were trying to read a book about the sea, and there was a part of my dream (though I’m not sure where it fits sequentially) where I was one of the book’s characters, swimming and trying to catch fish. the water was choppy and up to my neck. At the same time I was harvesting seaweed. I was watching myself do this, while also knowing that I was a father, shameful that I couldn’t provide for my family. At the same time I was also that man’s daughter, and with D we were trying to teach him a new method of harvesting seaweed.

There was a beautiful woman swimming too, and I could feel the sensations of her body in the water. I think she was maybe a mermaid or something. I followed her for a while until I resurfaced to the library.

Turns out the mermaid was a spin-off character from the original book we were reading. I think we argued about the book but I can’t remember the rest.


by Bec Fary

CIty of Lost Children

by Bec Fary

Instead of participating in this dream, it all played out from afar, like maybe I was watching everything in a film or something:

At some kind of meeting or assembly the populous were complaining about poverty. But the leader was indignant, and said: ‘But what about these diamonds?’

I had a view of a large, shiny diamond that someone help up to cover their eye, and maybe from what the leader had said, I knew everyone had at least one of these diamonds and they were very valuable.

But then my vision went strange, and it was like I was watching several scenes play out at once. I knew these diamonds were special and valuable, but they suddenly turned very dark as I was given visions of birds.

I don’t remember this part of the dream so well but I know it was very scary. It was like each diamond was an egg that hatched into a crow or raven and they all turned against the populous. I saw mutated faces, darkness and fear as the birds turned wild, violent and pecking in fury.


by Bec Fary


by Bec Fary

“I have this lousy dream ever since. I’ve fallen into this empty white swimming pool and the sides are too high to get out. The pool lights are on so it’s bright as a stage. And there are six ugly snakes in there on the tile, all after me. I can run and dodge fast enough to keep away from them no matter how they try to hem me in. They all look exactly alike. Then I keep calling for help and suddenly I see the walls are kind of coming in. It is getting smaller and smaller. Then I know they are going to get me. As the places gets smaller the snakes get bigger, and I scream and wake up, all sweaty and trembling. Just hold me tight, Trav. Please.” 

from ‘The Quick Red Fox’ by John D. MacDonald. 

by Bec Fary

I dreamt I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I went to an underground cafe that was also a library. I ordered from the bar, a soup and a cappuccino. I went to find myself a place to sit and study and saw there were a lot of computers on the tables.

When my coffee arrived it was in a round glass cup stained with coffee, but it was empty. There were people sitting near me – I don’t remember if they were my friends or if we’d just met – and I told them about the coffee. We agree to tell the waitress when she came back with my soup.

She looked at the coffee and seemed nervous. It was as if she didn’t want to take the empty cup away in case she got in trouble for it. She tried to tell me that was how coffee was served at this place, but she still took it away in the ended.

I don’t think my replacement coffee ever arrived but I know I waited for it a long time.

by Bec Fary

I dreamt that I seduced my ex-boyfriend. He was sitting in an armchair and I leant over him and told him his new girlfriend wouldn’t mind. He submitted easily and we had sex on my lounge room floor. Afterwards there were red stains on the white carpet. I thought it was blood but when I went to clean them I found I’d been bleeding red wine.

a dream about dreaming

by Bec Fary

I saw my brother watching me through the window of a bus driving past the front of my house. I got on a bus but suddenly I was far away and travelling in the opposite direction. I was on my way to meet with people to study for an exam. I was unprepared and really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the people I was studying with.

I arrived and sat at a table outside a cafe. There was a man sitting across from me drawing. I asked what he was doing and he said he was drawing what he’d seen in his dream. Turns out he was studying for an exam about dreaming. I told him that was lovely and that I loved dreams.

He looked at me, very said, because he could never remember his dreams. But somehow he kept drawing them.

by Bec Fary