by Bec Fary

I dreamt I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I went to an underground cafe that was also a library. I ordered from the bar, a soup and a cappuccino. I went to find myself a place to sit and study and saw there were a lot of computers on the tables.

When my coffee arrived it was in a round glass cup stained with coffee, but it was empty. There were people sitting near me – I don’t remember if they were my friends or if we’d just met – and I told them about the coffee. We agree to tell the waitress when she came back with my soup.

She looked at the coffee and seemed nervous. It was as if she didn’t want to take the empty cup away in case she got in trouble for it. She tried to tell me that was how coffee was served at this place, but she still took it away in the ended.

I don’t think my replacement coffee ever arrived but I know I waited for it a long time.