by Bec Fary

Instead of participating in this dream, it all played out from afar, like maybe I was watching everything in a film or something:

At some kind of meeting or assembly the populous were complaining about poverty. But the leader was indignant, and said: ‘But what about these diamonds?’

I had a view of a large, shiny diamond that someone help up to cover their eye, and maybe from what the leader had said, I knew everyone had at least one of these diamonds and they were very valuable.

But then my vision went strange, and it was like I was watching several scenes play out at once. I knew these diamonds were special and valuable, but they suddenly turned very dark as I was given visions of birds.

I don’t remember this part of the dream so well but I know it was very scary. It was like each diamond was an egg that hatched into a crow or raven and they all turned against the populous. I saw mutated faces, darkness and fear as the birds turned wild, violent and pecking in fury.