by Bec Fary

After a restless night, dreams on dreams in dreams .. I asked him what he dreamt about – he said he couldn’t remember and it made him sad. 

I told him mine: 

I was at a festival of some kind which was being held in a large house with many rooms. It was very crowded and I was sitting on the floor near a stage. I’d decided not to drink, but my friend was looking at me and something in his eyes told me I need to buy him a whiskey. He jerked his head towards the bar. The barman was apologetic, shrugged and told me they don’t sell whiskey. I returned to my friend but he was unhappy, and it seemed urgent. I became very agitated and started yelling but I can’t remember what. Back at the bar the barman found me a bottle – I was so relieved , until I saw the bottle was empty.