by Bec Fary

I’d finished work somewhere far away and it started raining. My friend was sitting on the ground and had no way of getting home. I told her it was okay, I’d call someone to pick us up. 

But suddenly we were transported to another friend’s house. There were a lot of people there and everyone was talking over each other and I didn’t know what anyone was doing there. It felt like a party where no one could decide on what to do. 

I sat on the couch next to my friend whose house it was. He told me we should go into the bedroom. I was indecisive but I wanted to. I told him we had to do it quickly because there was someone on their way to pick me up and take me home, so we rushed and it was urgent. 

Instead of going into his bedroom, though, he pointed out the window at the sunset. He took me onto a balcony overlooking the sea, and the pink sea was very cloudy. Soon everyone from inside the house was on the balcony with us and they were blocking our way to the door. 

I woke up soon after and I’m not sure if we ever made it to the bedroom.