from the 5th of the 1st :

by Bec Fary

There were other parts to the dream and I’m not sure of the order of things –

A tour bus showed up at my house with an enormous family on board. I called them by an old name and they were friends of my brother – they all went to the beach together. I ended up sitting with a group of mothers and I think we were eating cheese.

And later, maybe in a separate dream, I think I was killing time and not really hungry but looking for food anyway. I went to a bakery but it was closed. An older man I didn’t know told me there was a better place he knew about and he led me there. I said I wouldn’t eat until later but he insisted I follow him anyway. Then X was with us, and when we arrived at the shop (which was in the middle of a shopping centre) then man met a woman. I’m not sure of their relationship but I could tell he had feelings for her. He wanted to buy some chocolate for her. There was a big white heart-shaped piece and he said he wanted it broken into small pieces. X said he wanted a whole piece. I was suddenly uncomfortable, realising I would be taking candy from a stranger.