by Bec Fary

I told him I was horny, but too sleepy, so I’d probably have sexy dreams about him. Instead, this happened in my sleep:

It was a long and detailed dream and I guess I can trace some insecurities there.

I’m three years out of high school but in the dream everything was the same as it is now, only it was the first day of school term. I was at my family home – my parents and my brother and a few other people were there – but it wasn’t ‘home’ as it is in waking life. We were in the middle of a forest or something, there were trees and stones everywhere.

____ was there too and he had to drive me to school. I realised I was in my school uniform. I remember, in the dream, it reminded me of this moment from Trainspotting. I was embarrassed, but he just laughed and shrugged it off.

He was meant to drive me to school, and I was late, but we ended up somewhere else. There were a lot of people there – maybe from my high school but I’m not sure – and they were drinking. People kept offering me swigs from bottles.

____ had a strangely-shaped bottle, it was very thin and filled with a clear, fizzy liquid.

Suddenly everything shifted back to my parent’s house, and I saw ____ steal the bottle (which turned out to be a bottle of clear champagne) from my parent’s fridge. I think he was quietly offering it to everyone at breakfast. Later my mother confronted me about it.

We looked out the window and saw a crowd of people around a fence. Everyone was laughing and taking photos. I remembered I’d seen what they were looking at earlier when we’d pulled up in the car. Shiny, coloured letters – MMF – were strung on the fence and it reminded me of Meredith Music Festival.

He asked if I wanted to take a photo but we couldn’t decide which camera to use. I looked over again and saw they’d strung ribbons and pom poms around the letters and I said I didn’t want a photo anymore because they’d spoiled it.