“I had the worst dream ..”

by Bec Fary

I don’t really know what they were but I was surrounded by tiny trees. There were two kinds, each kind separated by the middle of the tiny forest: one was round, stumpy and green, the other tall, slender and brown. I can’t remember how, I think maybe someone had given my some kind of toy, but I had the power to grow snow on top of the trees. I remember it was very difficult and took a long time, but eventually I got a thin white layer on each tree.

Then I was sitting under a tree, maybe one of the tiny ones but maybe not. At some point in this dream I was swimming in seawater, chasing someone, or maybe someone was chasing me, but I can’t remember who or where or how that fits into the dream.

Later I was sitting at a high bar. Even though it didn’t look like the restaurant I work at at all, I knew I was at work. I was with a few workmates and we were on break, waiting for our lunch. It was taking a really long time to cook.

Then I saw my manager through a window, beckoning me to get back to work. She turned away and I ran after her, shouting her name.

‘Hey! I haven’t had my lunch yet!’

She shook her head – ‘No, you can’t do that’ – and turned and walked away.

I ran to the bar to cancel my lunch order, and then had to get back to the tree I’d been sitting under. I’d left my shoes there.

I knew I was late for work now so I was hurrying everywhere. I was running, but my body felt so heavy and I could only move slowly. Eventually I made it back to the tree, and tried to put my shoes and socks on but it took the longest time. My friends had left their clothes on the ground under the tree as well, so I started carrying them. There was a heavy jumper that weighed me down even more.

I saw my boyfriend in the distance, running and laughing. He was with a friend, and I heard him saying he was really excited to visit me at work and ‘Listen to the beats.’ He was about to turn a corner but then he saw me and smiled.

‘I’m on my way to quit ny job,’ I told him. I felt so bad that he wouldn’t be able to visit me, but I could tell he was happy for me.

Then I was making my way to work again, and had to walk through a long, dark underpass with columns everywhere. There were other people around but they were really far away. Then I saw a man up ahead. He was hunched over, with shadows over his face and I felt so threatened. I tried to run but my bag was too heavy. I just had to walk slow, trying to push myself faster and edging around the man.

I finally made it to work, and there was a slow treck up some wooden stairs. I saw my co-workers along the way but for some reason I couldn’t talk to any of them. As I arrived I realised it was Christmas Eve and I didn’t know why I was even working that day. When I made it into work I saw my manager looking at me. She knew I was frustrated but I couldn’t talk about anything then, I had to start work.

‘_____, I want to talk to you at the end of this shift.’

She started laughing at me and turned her back.