he woke up and said, “I had the strangest dream”

by Bec Fary

He said he was sitting on a bench outside his work.

“I can’t even describe the place, it was too weird. It was like a terrace house, but also a barn… I never actually saw my work, I just knew it was upstairs.”

He had to get inside and start work but he couldn’t. Boxes of kittens kept showing up, and he had to find a home for them. He’d posted on Facebook, asking people to adopt them.

Finally he managed to get rid of them all, but a box of black-and-white puppies showed up too.

Then the puppies turned into little rats. There were giant rats living in the barn, too, and they ran out and stepped on the tails of the little rats. They were eating the little rats’ tails five at a time.

“There were all these tail-less rats running around, and the big rats were devouring them. Then people showed up to pick up the puppies, but I had no puppies to give them. Just rats.”