he said, “I had a crazy dream”

by Bec Fary

“What did you dream about?”

“Ah, it’s slipped away. I can’t remember. No, we were in Poland…”

“Who’s ‘we’?”

“I’m not sure who it was, but there were four of us there. We were on this platform. It looked like a train platform but I don’t know if there were any trains. It was like a ramp that led into the next town, and we had to walk along it to get to our hostel. Then there were two police officers and they said something to us. I didn’t understand, so I asked them: ‘English?’ The officers shrugged and looked at each other and shook their heads. They said: ‘dokumenta?’ I told my friends the officers needed our documents. So we showed them our passports, and then the officers gave us these forms to sign. And that was all good and I was ready to sign, until I realised we’d have to give the officers €40 if we signed the forms. I was getting €10 each from my friends, but X was there. Everyone else had euro, but X only had hundreds of Australian dollars. I said: ‘Why don’t you have any euro?’ X said: ‘This is money, isn’t it?’ Then I was sitting with the police officers, waiting for the rest of the money. I was waiting for you to bring the last €10. I sat there, having a drink and eating some lollies, and Y and Z walked past. They said, ‘€40?’ and I said ‘Yep’. They nodded and said ‘Us too.’ Then you showed up with the money and I gave you a lolly. It started raining after that, and it seemed like a fitting end to the dream. I really liked that dream.”

“What did you like about it?”

“I liked the part about the documents. It was all so clear, and now I can remember it so well.”