by Bec Fary

I was in some kind of dead or dying post-apocalyptic world. I was with a companion, we were travelling on foot on a long stretch of dry road. Everything was dust and dried grass. 

Trudging along this path, we were on some kind of mission but I can’t remember the details. I got the feeling there was a large group of people depending on us, but I don’t think I ever saw them in the dream. 

We were reporting back to a commander. I can’t remember if we physically saw the commander, but I think we had some kind of radio communication. 

At some point along the path, we started seeing tall, slender figures ahead of us. They moved very slowly and deliberately. I was scared and we knew to be cautious. 

The sun made these faraway figures shimmer. I couldn’t tell if they were machines or robots, or many heavily armoured futuristic warriors or aliens. I don’t know how, but they were closely tied to the post-apocalypse situation. Maybe they caused it but I’m not sure. 

The figures looked like they were in some kind of outlaw gang, and our mission was to get closer to them. Our commander was feeding us information about the gang, and we found out their race was called the ‘Nintendos.’ I think we were meant to kill them. It all felt very sinister. 

The gang’s movements were disconnected from space and time. They snuck up on us so quickly, but then were suddenly far away or out of site. At one point they were still close enough that I made eye contact with one of them, and at that point they didn’t seem hostile at all.