I said, “you’ll dream about bikes tonight”

by Bec Fary

He didn’t, but I did…

I dreamt I was riding my bike on a long, narrow, straight path. On the way I had an idea. I wish I could remember what this idea was because it was the best idea I’ve ever had. It was something I had to write down, or tell someone, and it was going to change my life somehow. I kept repeating it to myself as I rode, and I tried to ride faster and faster as the idea got bigger and more elaborate. There were more and more things I had to keep in my head before I could write them down.

As I was riding I kept thinking, ‘yes yes yes yes yes this is it!’ and the need to write it down was getting so urgent. I knew that if I rode fast enough I would just make it in time.

I was repeating some sort of mantra or quote to myself as well, which I think was part of what I needed to write down. In the end I’m not sure if I made it; I woke up before I could write anything down.