by Bec Fary

Those dreams where it’s imperative you do something, but you’re in quicksand and everything moves so slow. Your limbs are pushing so hard, but they wo’t move. It’s like your body is disconnected from your will, your mind. 

I dreamt I was at work, in the middle of a busy restaurant. Everything was the same as waking life, but stretched at the same time – extended and long. I don’t remember how I got there, but I ended up in a back room. I had to change my clothes, I guess I must have finished my shift. I was naked, surrounded by black and white clothes. I knew I needed to get dressed, but I was so confused. I didn’t know which clothes to wear or how to put them on. At one point I wrapped myself in a long piece of fabric so I could leave the room. I knew someone would find me, naked, if I didn’t get dressed quickly. I was so confused and embarrassed, but I didn’t know how to get myself out of them. I lay on the floor.

Suddenly it was light and I was surrounded by  pillows. I remembered closing my eyes the night before, and then it was 8am. A man was sleeping in a large bed. It was my boss, and I realised I’d fallen asleep on the floor of his bedroom. He woke up, and I was so embarrassed and apologetic. But he said it was okay, that it happens all the time. I left quickly, and later in the dream I found a receipt in my pocket. It said $10 was going to be deducted from my paycheck. It was very formal, as if there was a system in place for this sort of thing.